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MoxLotus is a Magic the gathering community from in and around the Richmond Virginia area. Currently we are an invite only community, so please reach out to one of the local guys for password information.


(872) 348-1742
by: Jonbond Jan 14, 2017
I broke a bunch of stuff this weekend while updating the DB/boards. let me know if you guys see what i broke....
server migrated
by: Jonbond Feb 24, 2016
migrated from ec2.micro to ec2.nano doubt we will see any crazy performance losses but if noticed let me know. thanks.
by: Jonbond Dec 20, 2015
Slacking but they are updated and the files backed up, i will be moving to a different setup soon. but will give ample time before i move the DB.
Homepage Updated!
by: Jonbond Jun 28, 2015
Just moved the code from the beta to live environment, besides the date being a little off and some spacing issues the news are posted, I will be doing a similar setup for events, depending how it turns out I might make drop downs to the various format sections.

Boards updated
by: Jonbond May 5, 2015
Had to run a quick update to the boards, i didn't plan downtime b/c it was super quick like your mother when the rents due... boards should be good, let me know if you see issues, im working on setting up a way for the boards to email when needed and a user invite system. i have to test this on my devel box, before i push live. We are using an EC2 instance for this. i will see if i can get the mail server for free or cheap. but i dont want to keep stacking features if this will run up my bill.